1Put it in the bin and forget about it - that about sums up our attitude to rubbish. The recycling rate globally is up to 10 - 20% and everyone agrees recycling makes much more sense than putting rubbish in open spaces and landfill - it saves resources, energy and creates more jobs.

We need to stop thinking of rubbish as a problem to be handed down to the garbage man Start thinking of it as a resource to be used

80% of the contents of your bin can be recycled

The amount of rubbish we produce is the first step to be reduced. By following some of these simple suggestions you can reduce your impact on the environment.

  • Reduce
    • Write a shopping list to make sure you don't come home with far more than you need.
    • Choose the products with the least packaging, for example fruit and vegetables that you chose yourself rather than the ones packaged in polystyrene trays and plastic wrapping
    • use less paper
    • Disposable nappies cause huge problems in landfill - they are hazardous and are not biodegradable. Real cloth nappies are making a comeback and are traditionally the best

  • Reuse
    In India the practice already exists but can be reinforced .Some tips on recycling are offered. More specific solutions can be offered by Futurearth.
    • Your old and broken furniture can be redesigned and remade .Make use of Futurearth expertise
    • Give your old clothes and other useable old items to pass on to poor and needy.
    • Think about repairing any gadget before you buy a new one; its often cheaper, and cuts down on waste too.
    • Use both sides of paper at work, reuse envelops and encourage colleagues to do the same
    • Any old greeting cards, calendars, posters ,envelopes bottles can be reused to create artwork -Futurearth will guide you to the right source.
    • Newspapers can be converted into envelops to replace plastic bags
    • If you've really finished with that computer, send it to be refurbished or resold. Many schools can benefit from your unwanted equipment.

  • Recycle
    What can be sent for recycling? In your household waste most items like glass, plastic, metal, cardboard and paper can be recycled again and again, saving energy and raw materials. Give it to the right vendor.

  • Garden & Kitchen waste
    In our households organic waste amounts to almost 60% of total .Organic waste is the main cause of methane emissions, a powerful greenhouse gas, from landfill sites. Instead of binning it, try composting. It's an easy, satisfying process; not only will your dustbin be less smelly, but you'll be improving your local environment and even saving money in the process. If you don't have a garden you can recycle in pots using special Enzymes. Futurearth can help in implementing the process

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