When Traveling -

  • 2Walk - don't drive. If you have to buy something from the store next door, take a walk. If you must drive, combine a lot of chores

  • If you have to drive to work or drive your children to school - consider creating car pools

  • Use public transport or CNG driven Autos or Taxis

  • When using your car, turn off your engine if your car is stationary for two minutes or more

  • Inflate your tyres to the correct pressure. This can save as much as 5% on your fuel bill

  • Remove unnecessarily heavy loads from the boot or roof of your car, they just make you use more fuel

  • Braking or accelerating sharply is bad for fuel consumption

  • 1Park in the shade if possible - the sun on a hot engine increases emissions

  • Instead of taking short haul flights take a train and save 10 times on carbon emission


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