Futurearth is the practical environmental society that helps people to make positive changes through awareness programs and by providing support in implementation. By working together with homes, schools and the wider community, we make the small changes that have a big impact on the things that matter.

Futurearth has developed a range of programs, education tools and instruction manuals in line with global thinking and practices.

The programs are run by voluntary teams who are trained by Futurearth experts. The teams decide their agreed goals and targets and are facilitated by Futurearth project personnel. Team members measure their environmental impact, share their results and agree together on practical lasting changes.


The program is designed to spread awareness in different sections of society about the criticality of climate change, environmental and energy issues through direct interaction. A program of voluntary group activity is undertaken for practical implementation to make them eco-homes through -

  • Energy conservation and use of renewable sources
  • Water conservation, recycling and ground water harvesting
  • Waste reduction, reuse and recycling
  • Reduction of personal impact on carbon emissions
  • Study of impact of pollution on health necessary remedial actions.



The program aims at making the younger generation aware of environmental issues and introducing them to eco practices in school -

  • Provide classroom education through international teaching material with videos,animations,games and student participation
  • Helping add vigour to Eco -Club activity
  • Practical training in use and adoption of environment friendly technologies
  • Working with schools to convert them as Green schools by helping in environmental audit and implementation
  • Health awareness and assessment

The outcome of implementation is that the schools conserve resources and money while creating awareness.


Program for environment improvement and adaptation for climate change -

  • Adoption of renewable energies in rural domain for cooking, lighting pumping etc.
  • Drinking water availability and water management
  • Environment improvement through waste management and cleanliness
  • Climate Change awareness and adaptation strategies
  • Health assessment and actions
The program will help in energy access to rural population and their economic empowerment.

No one can do everything, but we can all do something!


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